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Who is T.E.E?

Studio Microphone
"In my vision I'm a great already/  For a while now and life is great already/"
Tenacious Endangerment to Everything.

Artist, Producer and Audio Engineer, T.E.E is a young man that is very gifted at what he does. At the age of five he would rap mainly because he wanted attention but that would soon turn into a love for music, wordplay and poetry.  Growing up in household that primarily listened to hip-hop as well as being influenced by other genres it was only a matter of time before he started making songs of his own.


With topics mainly influenced by his thoughts and surroundings, he also shows that he is a diverse individual. With his skills in music, production and engineering, as well as his knowledge in marketing and promotion, he's proven himself to be a man that wears many hats in not just music but the music business as a whole. 

T.E.E. (Tenacious Endangerment to Everything)




Teelonius Monk Productions





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