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Endangerment Cover.jpg
T.E.E = An MCs Fear 3 / T.E.E

The long-awaited final installment of the MCs Fear trilogy.  This album shows the extent of T.E.E's growth as a rapper over the years and his ever-expanding subject matter.  Packed with 23 songs and plenty of amazing features, you won't want to miss out on this one!

Endangerment / T.E.E

Goldsboro, North Carolina's own rapper and producer, T.E.E's latest and most lyrical album to date.  Packed with diverse subject matter, and high powered guest appearances.  This album is easily a classic.  

MCs Fear 3 Cover.jpg
Tenacious Cover.jpg
Tenacious / T.E.E

The long awaited debut album of Goldsboro, North Carolina's own rapper T.E.E.  After numerous mixtapes and features, T.E.E honed his craft until he was ready to release this masterpiece to the public.  Short but sweet, every track is hard hitting and worth a spot on your daily rotation.  


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